The Company

La Ceramica D'Italia built its experience and Know –How being a firm producing and selling in the area of ceramics bisque since over 30 years and being recognized as a stable point of reference by mostly of Italian factories buying the ceramics bisque and just providing to finish the product.
With the new generation, in 2010, takes off the project of La Ceramica D'Italia with the motto:

"Finishware products, give colors to the shapes"

This key concept has helped to create propulsion and throw the factory in territories still unexplored where the firm shows to have the whole capacity to produce entirely from the first step ( ceramic bisque), to the second step (glazing ), to the third firing process (decal) till the packing of the finished products, rare and uncommon way of referring to the National territory; even more unusual considering the many types of products that this firm is offering : table serveware and bakeware, pet shop items and garden potteries for outside and cachepots for inside, without forgetting the ceramics bisque for the hobby area, so important for those who loves to paint and play with ceramics.

La Ceramica D'Italia, leader firm, proud and fully aware of the pure creativity of shapes and colors mixed in a poem completely and definitely Made in Italy.