The great ceramics for your table

Unexpected serveware ceramics made for any type of ambience to devote the joy to sit at the table and feeling to be part of it: sets decorated by hand, antiqued, decals third fire.
Playing colors that will take your breath away.
The great ovenware and bakeware items

The secret for a health coking, natural and homogeneous , thanks to the perfect combination of the 4 elements (earth, air, water and fire) creates our great ovenware and bakeware collections.
Get transported with joy to the good flavour that you would never imagine before.
The great pottery pieces for garden.

The Terracotta earth is nature, the terracotta makes us sharing the continuos flow of the time: from just born production, beautiful and fresh for outside and inside, to the old pieces that seems just been coming to the light after hundreds of years dipped inside of the mother earth.
The great ceramics for Pet Shops.

As we like to eat on ceramic plates so also our pet friends, do it, it's surely more healthy and igienic.
Let's give them all our possible love because they love us so much: welcome still more in our family.
The great ceramics bisque, do it yourself.

The shapes (Yin) is the primary material and necessary to the color (Yang).
Than, existance of tools helps to go through: knowledge, clays, glazes, colors, crystallins, brushes, sponges, strings, turning-lathe.
If you are willing to experiment your feeling on ceramic, get near by this creative universe open to adult and childrens and find your artistic vein that is in you.